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Additional modules

Extend as needed

As an in-app purchase, you can buy additional modules for Xpert Timer Mobile via the Google Play Store. Only with the purchase of the synchronization you need a license of the Xpert-Timer Pro.


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In case you want to use Xpert-Timer on the go, the software offers the possibility to record your data either on a laptop with a Windows operating system and local database, or with an Android device and later to synchronize with the data to the central database. From the laptop, you can either connect directly to the central database via VPN and exchange the data, or you can select the option via the Internet with the XTSyncServer as an interface. If you are working on a mobile Android device you must always use the XTSyncServer interface for data exchange.

Please purchase all necessary modules as well as the Xpert-Timer Pro on our website "Xpert-Timer for Windows".

For more details and setup information, see the manual.

PDF Reporting

With the additional module "PDF Reporting" you can generate PDF reports in your Xpert-Timer Mobile App. If you are using Xpert-Timer Pro additionally, you can send the PDF report to your main database in your office. In Xpert-Timer Pro, those PDF Reports will be visible in the document management. Of course you can also create the PDF report and share it through email or for example dropbox.

NFC Module

Use the NFC scanner module to scan tags or chips in order to start timing a project or task. Simply save the project code on the chip and start trackin your time. 

Finde more information in the manual.

Foto Uplaod

Use the photo upload in connection with Xpert-Timer Pro. The pictures you take are linked to a project. Once you synchronize your data with the main database of Xpert-Timer Pro, you can view the project related photos on your Windows system.